The philosophy at Urban Design Ventures is to provide planning, urban design, and architectural services to clients on a personal basis, with great emphasis on client satisfaction.


URBAN DESIGN VENTURES provides Redevelopment Planning to both public entities and redevelopment authorities to prepare sites for the redevelopment, revitalization, and stabilization of communities. The UDV staff provides professional assistance in certification of redevelopment areas, preparing redevelopment plans, implementation of redevelopment projects, and technical assistance in the interpretation of the eminent domain code and redevelopment laws. Specific areas of service include:

Basic Conditions Reports

UDV specializes in field reconnaissance work, photography of existing conditions, and preparation of a basic conditions report.

Certification of Redevelopment Areas

UDV specializes in the preparation of the finding of fact and resolution for planning commissions to certify an area in need of redevelopment assistance.

Redevelopment Area Plans

UDV specializes in the preparation of redevelopment area plans which outline the proposed land uses, development standards, site plan, changes in traffic circulation, changes in zoning, and project cost estimates.

Redevelopment Proposals

UDV specializes in the preparation of the redevelopment proposal to acquire land in the redevelopment area and the relocation of businesses and site occupants.

Property Acquisition Services

UDV specializes in the identification of properties to be acquired based on an architect's inspection, assistance in obtaining appraisals, and help in the acquisition process.

Relocation Services

UDV specializes in the preparation of relocation benefit forms, site occupant interviews, and assistance in relocating site occupants.

Disposition of Acquired Property

UDV specializes in the assistance in the sale and disposition of property, including advertising, and negotiation with developers.

Brownfield Economic Development Initiative

UDV specializes in the preparation of applications for BEDI funding and oversight and administration of site clean-up.