The philosophy at Urban Design Ventures is to provide planning, urban design, and architectural services to clients on a personal basis, with great emphasis on client satisfaction.


URBAN DESIGN VENTURES provides Historic Preservation Services to both public and private entities for historic reviews and clearances by the state SHPO's, documentation of historic resources, and assistance in obtaining historic rehabilitation tax credits. The UDV staff provides professional assistance in all phases of historic preservation and consultation. Specific areas of experience include:

Section 106 Reviews

UDV specializes in the review of properties and project activities funded with Federal and State funds for conformance with the historic review guidelines and a determination of effect on historic resources and historic districts.

SHPO Consultation and Clearance

UDV specializes in the preparation of documentation for clearance of properties to be demolished or altered significantly by the use of Federal and State funds.

Preparation of Memorandums of Agreement (MOA's)

UDV specializes in the preparation of memorandums of agreement with the SHPO and the community as part of the consultation process.

Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits

UDV specializes in the preparation of the Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Historic Preservation Certification Application for approval of Federal historic tax credits for rehabilitation of historic property.

Local Historic Districts

UDV specializes in the planning and designation of local Historic Districts, the establishment of Historic Architectural Review Boards, assistance in preparing applications for HARB review, and attendance at HARB meetings to obtain approval of a Certificate of Appropriateness for work to be performed in a historic district.

National Register Nomination

UDV specializes in the preparation of the forms, research, and narrative for nomination of individual properties and areas to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

State Historic Resource Surveys

UDV specializes in the completion of reconnaissance survey work, research, and documentation for identification of historic resources in communities.

Historic Architectural Building Surveys (HABS)

UDV specializes in the preparation of the HABS report to document the significance of a historic resource that is to be destroyed, including architectural sketches, historic research, photographs, etc.